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Caviar Matrixyl Serum
54,50 EUR
181,67 EUR per 100 ml
Gold Serum Rejeuness - 24 Karat Gold
65,50 EUR
218,33 EUR per 100 ml
CBD Fluid (CBD 500 mg)
39,95 EUR
79,90 EUR per 100 ml
Aloe Vera Pflanzenextrakt 98%
20,50 EUR
20,50 EUR per 100 ml
Perfect Face Oil
23,90 EUR
159,33 EUR per 100 ml
IPL After Hair Removal
17,80 EUR
8,90 EUR per 100 ml
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Aloe Vera Pflanzenextrakt 98% + Perfect Face Oil - Set
33,70 EUR
CBD Wellness Body Oil und CBD Warming Gel - Set
25,90 EUR
CBD Fluid + CBD Wellness Body Oil - Set
39,90 EUR
HYA-Tonic Solution + Moisture Boosting Cream - Set
25,50 EUR
Superior Spezial Creme + Repair Handcreme Hyaluron - Set
31,90 EUR
Boosting Balm for men + Aloe Vera Gel 98% - Set
25,00 EUR
Repair Cream Hyaluron + Repair Serum Hyaluron - Set
65,00 EUR
Cellular Cream Mask + REJEUNESS 24 Karat Eye Fluid - Set
32,00 EUR
Stay Young Cream Caviar + Caviar Serum - Set
65,00 EUR
REJEUNESS 24 Karat Gold Creme + Serum - Set
75,00 EUR
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Who we are | Beauty Specialists

GIGARDE Aloe Cosmetics, working for beauty for over 25 years, has set the following goal:

Luxurious care for velvety soft skin and a fresh smooth skin feeling, both for demanding, sensitive, allergic and problematic skin, as well as for the skin whose elasticity and freshness needs something intensive.

For every skin is the right thing there to promote the natural radiance with varied products and feel good. All products are free of kerosene and paraben, based on aloe vera. GIGARDE cosmetics means feeling young and perfectly cared for.... 24 hours long.

Aloe Vera Gel 98%, the multi-talent from nature for any skin, especially for sensitive and allergic skin, sunburn, dehydrated skin in need of regeneration and much more.

Excellent basic care for daily support of regeneration with the many benefits of aloe vera: enzymes, amino acids, antraquinones, vitamins and much more.

For perfect daily skin care and a smooth, firm skin feeling, it is recommended to apply PERFECT FACE OIL or cream on the skin still moist from the plant extract. Ideal care after sun and solarium.