B2B - Information for wholesalers and resellers with Gigarde

Welcome to the B2B Shop of GIGARDE Aloe Kosmetik GmbH


GIGARDE präsents you an inspiring and purposeful selection.
Join us and benefit from excellent dealer conditions.

Sell products with your own label.

You will be supported in the selection of containers and also in the creation of your desired design.

Large containers or pallets are possible.

Create your merchant account at https://www.gigarde.de/de/shop.php?do=CreateRegistree

When registering simply enter your COMPANY DATA and select as a trader (Yes).
Businessman | Company name | VAT number. 
After successful testing, you will see in our online store the conditions at which you can buy from us.

For more information please send us a short email with your contact details to: https://www.gigarde.de/de/info/mein-kontakt.html

We will get back to you as soon as possible.